The Son began singing professionally at the end of 1987. In 1989, he graduated with a two year degree from the National Musical Arts Institute in Saigon. Besides being well known for his singing, The Son is also an accomplished guitarist.

The Son likes a variety of music. He likes the pre-war period, the romantic ballads, modern music, as well western classical music. He thinks that each type of music has its own brand of uniqueness and each brings to the listeners a different feeling depending on their state of mind. However, when he performs, The Son often choose to sing romantic ballads and popular music. Trai Tim Nguc Tu, written by Duc Huy is The Son's favorite because it has a very nice melody and its simple lyrics goes straight to the hearts of the listeners especially his young audience.

Since The Son lived in the San Jose area for about one year, he knows the area very well. He thinks San Jose really lives up to its name of blossom valley. He considers Silicon valley the promised land for the Vietnamese who makes this area their residence. Whenever he returns to the area to perform, The Son feels the fans here are very receptive. They are very appreciative of the arts. According to The Son, many other performers have the same sentiment when asked about performing in San Jose. The Son would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of his fellow entertainers, to thank the fans for their continual support and encouragement.

Currently, The Son is under an exclusive contract with Thuy Nga Productions. This includes video and audio releases. His CDs include: Tinh Thu Cua Linh and Nhung Chieu Khong Co Em. He also has a CD with Huong Lan, Mai Lo Minh Xa Nhau. His next project is an album, Tim Nhau Trong Ky Niem.

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