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Like many Vietnamese, Thao My was in the first wave of immigrants arriving in the United States in 1975. Along with her family, she settled in Santa Cruz, California. As a youngster living in this mostly white community, Thao My did not have many Vietnamese friends. In fact, as she recalled, all of her friends in the early days were non-Vietnamese. According to Thao My, she was able to hold on to her roots through her love of music - most noteworthy, Vietnamese music. Through the music of Trinh Cong Son, Khanh Ly, Le Thu and Khanh Ha, Thao My was able to quench her feelings of nostalgia and to appreciate Vietnamese music and culture.

Thao My must have gotten the musical gene from her father as she is the only one in her family who is musically inclined. Her father is musician Pham Manh Dat, whose forte is the Hawaiian Eucaleil. Thao My's path to this chosen career, is quite a windy one. Initially, she participated in various shows as a student at San Jose State University. She got her start singing with a group called Hai Dang, comprised of students. With the aid and encouragement from her father, Thao My was able to built a following in the early days singing Trinh Cong Son and Ngo Thuy Mien's music.

In 1991, Thao My moved to Southern California with her husband. She forgo a career as a graphics designer and officially immersed herself in the world of entertainment. With the guidance and collaboration of her husband, singer/composer Duc Huy, known to be a perfectionist in the recording world, Thao My has recorded on ten CDs. She made her mark performing Dung Xa Em Dem Nay, a song written by none other than Duc Huy himself especially for her unadorned but heart-warming voice. This hit song is litterally bonded to her name after Thao My appeared in the music video Thuy Nga 33 - Tinh Khuc Duc Huy (1995).

Her debut album Vang Trang Nam Xua has been released with success and Thao My is working on her new CD to be released in the summer of 1997. It will reportedly contain many new songs with some written specifically for Thao My's voice by Duc Huy. Throughout the years, Thao My has traveled and performed with her husband in many stages around the world. Her wish is to find more successes in the recording industry with many many more hits. She never turns down an opportunity to perform in far away places as this is a good opportunity to catch up on her shopping, and meet new audiences. Her goal is also to perform on small stages for a listening audience without having to adhere to the rigidness of a nightclub filled with cigarette smoke and constrained by a preprogrammed schedule for ballroom dancing. She feels in this intimate setting, the singer will be more inspired and the audience is not distracted.

Thao My is a worry wart. She likes to talk on the phone and quiet places. She likes scenic places where she can enjoy her hobby as a landscape photographer. She likes going to the movies, although due to her busy schedule, she is more likely to watch a video or the television. Thao My likes children. She has very few close friends. She plays tennis and jog to stay fit.

Photo of Thao My Photo of Thao My

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