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Ni Ni came to the United States in 1975 when she was a very young girl. She first performed in front of an audience in 1979. On that fateful day, Ni Ni performed "You Light Up My Life" on stage in front of her schoolmates. Her father, Mr. Truong Si Luong, discovered that his young daughter has a knack for music and encouraged her to pursue the field. Since then, she continues to take music lessons to improve on her voice.

Ni Ni first recorded the song, "Yesterday" in Asia's Tinh Thu Menh Mong CD and her first video appearance was on Asia 10th Anniversary video. She often sings in a trio with Ha Vy and Uyen Mi. Currently, Ni Ni is under an exclusive contract with Asia, so the bulk of her time is devoted to rehearsing, filming videos, performing for Asia's tours, and recording CDs under their label. Her favorite songs to perform are: Yesterday, Casablanca, Hotel California and other American Pop songs of the same genre.

Although she is fairly new to the business, Ni Ni has toured in many cities in the United States and has traveled extensively with Asia tour all over the world. She recalls her Australian stop in 1994 as one of her most memorable performances. Since her start, Ni Ni has sung and performed exclusively for Asia. To date, she has recorded many songs for them and have appeared in all of their most recent videos. Her latest effort include the song "So Sad" and "Ngan Nam Van Doi" recorded on Asia's The Best of Da Vu 95.

Photo of Nini Ni Ni has a few simple philosophies on life and on love. She thinks one should not be selfish in love, family is the key to love, and life is rosy. On money, she thinks, "everyone needs it, but one should not be a slave to money". Ni Ni wishes someday to have her own production company. She also hopes to go back to perform in Vietnam in the future.

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