As a youth living in Nha Trang, Ngoc Lan studied music and performed at various local events. She came to the United States in 1980 and settled in Minnesota. Two years later, Ngoc Lan left for California where most of the entertainment activities are located.

She began singing at local cafés such as Dinh Thieng and Hoai Huong. Eventually, Ngoc Lan's fame grew as she began to have quite a following in southern California. Ngoc Lan recorded her first CD under the label Da Lan. She collaborated with Ritz night club and became well known to the general public. Ngoc Lan is loved for her unforgettable voice and her stage presence.

Ngoc Lan is probably the most mysterious singer in the Vietnamese music industry. In 1993, she suddenly disappeared causing many people to speculate on her career. She re-emerged in 1994 in the concert, "Ngoc Lan va Thinh Gia Thuong Yeu" in Anaheim California. That night, many of her fans noted that Ngoc Lan was somewhat lost in her own thoughts. Many attributed this to the sudden passing of her sister only months prior to her return to the stage. The year 1994 also marked another significant change in Ngoc Lan's life as she announced her marriage to a fellow artist the same year.

Ngoc Lan has released many CDs and music videos, most of them for Mây Productions. She has also appeared on many stages worldwide.

Ngoc Lan passed away at 8:25AM on Tuesday March 6, 2001, at Vencor Hospital in Southern California. She was borned in 1957. Her maiden name was Maria Thanh Lan Le. At 44, Ngoc Lan is leaving behind many fond memories of her sweet and lovely voice for her beloved fans. It will linger on as a musical legacy for a long time to come.

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