As the daughter of highly acclaimed actress Kim Xuyen, Ngoc Anh demonstrated her interest in acting and music at a very early age. This lead to Ngoc Anh's formal training in acting and stage craft at a very young age in Vietnam. In 1982, Ngoc Anh joined two professional actors guild, Cuu Long Nu and Sao Sang in Vietnam.

Upon arriving in the United States, Ngoc Anh abandoned her craft and pursued other interests. It was not until 1991 when Vietnamese audience abroad had the opportunity to once again hear Ngoc Anh sing in public. Ngoc Anh returned to entertainment in full force with the release of several CDs, her appearance in Vietnamese videos and live performances.

Although her focus at the time was singing, Ngoc Anh also actively pursued acting. Ngoc Anh was seen appeared along with actor Xuan Phat in several comedy skits and films. Most notably was her appearance in the films Gia Dinh Co Tu and Con Mua Ha. Ngoc Anh has also appeared in Phung Nghi Dinh Cai Luong production (Vietnamese Opera). Recently, Ngoc Anh has appeared in several short comedies playing the role of Ma Nu Da Tinh.

Although Ngoc Anh often sings Vietnamese pop music in videos, she is a very versatile artist. Her range includes Vietnamese romantic ballads and folk music. Ngoc Anh most favorite song is Hoang Hon May Tim. She claims that this song reminds her of Vietnam, and the uncaptured past.

Ngoc Anh especially likes the San Jose audience because they are "chiu choi va de thuong lam". The latest 2 CDs from Ngoc Anh Productions are Thoang Dam Me and Nguc Tu Thuong Yeu.

Photo of Ngoc Anh Photo of Ngoc Anh

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