Lynda Trang Dai did not come from a musical background. She did not have the early guidance of those in the industry. Nevertheless, she has carved a niche for herself in the thriving 'new wave' movement at the time. She has a very unique brand of performance style that sets her apart from her peers. According to her, she learned and developed her singing and performing style from listening to tapes and watching TV.

Lynda Trang Dai's style and her natural showmanship have won her many fans at a time when the Vietnamese entertainment industry was hungry for a new change and a diversified genre. Lynda Trang Dai's main stay has been American pop rock, but she has also found success performing Vietnamese music as well.

At a young age, Lynda Trang Dai is already a veteran in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. She first made her public appearance more than ten years ago in a show put together by college students at the Ritz nitght club in Southern California. She immediately drew warm responses and encouragement from the audience that night. She went on to a very successful professional career, performing and appearing in many of the top shows worldwide.

Lynda Trang Dai has recorded with many labels and has appeared in many music videos. She first appeared in the video Linda in Hong Kong and has been a regular on the Paris by Night series. Lynda Trang Dai is also quite active in the community as she often appeared at shows to benefit the community or for various causes. Her most memorable appearance was in front of the refugees in Hong Kong in 1992.

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