La Suong Suong
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La Suong Suong was born in Vietnam and came to the United States in 1994. As a youngster she used to tag along with her older sister who is also a singer. In 1987, at the age of fifteen, she was asked by members of her sister's band to stand-in for her sister. Suong Suong did and thus began a new chapter in her life.

La Suong Suong whose real name is Do Thanh Trang is a fan of Chinese movies and videos. She chose La Suong Suong after a Chinese movie star. Although La Suong Suong was paid for her singing as a stand-in for her sister, she feels her career didn't really start until she entered a singing contest (she only took fifth). In 1991, she began singing seriously and began her career as a pro performing in many locales in Vietnam.

La Suong Suong first sang publicly in Tao Dan park, a place famous for many outdoor concerts in Saigon. While she was in Vietnam, Suong Suong has taken music lessons and she is currently attending Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. She can also play a little piano. Suong Suong's source of inspiration is her brother Tu with whom she can always find support and direction. Beside singing, her favorite things to do are shopping and watching Hong Kong movies. She likes 'Banh Beo Hue'.

The songs she likes to perform most are Unchained Melody and I Will Always Love You. Her proudest moment is when she won a singing contest on a television show in 1991. Her favorite place in the United States is Chicago where she saw snow for the first time. Although Suong Suong is sure to be successful as a singer, her goal is still to finish college and transfer to a four year university to complete her schooling.

Chia Tay Hoang Hon is the title of her first CD produced by Diem Xua Production with another titled Khong Con Ai Yeu Anh Nhu Em Da Yeu Anh to be released during Tet.

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