Duc Huy's interest in music began when he was given a mandolin and was taught how to play the instrument when he was a youth in Vietnam. He was also taught how to play the guitar by his cousin. At the time there were a lot of opposition from his family. Duc Huy persisted and began practicing more using just his natural talents to pick up the nuances of music and composition.

According to Duc Huy, between 1963 to 1975 was his period of self development. Duc Huy wrote his first song in Da Lat in 1969. After 25 years, Con Mua Phun is still being widely recorded. He said that although he has had many successes in subsequent pieces, this song remains one of his favorite. He said it reflects his philosophy and approach to writing music.

In 1975, Duc Huy arrived to the United States and attended San Francisco City College. He took music and composition classes. When asked about his source of inspiration Duc Huy claims that his songs reflect his feelings. For example, Trai Tim Nguc Tu reflects hopelessness, Nhu Da Dau Yeu reflects the pain of lost love, Nhu Mot Dong Song reflects his love for Vietnam etc...

At this point in his career, Duc Huy has solidly established himself as one of Vietnam's premier musician. His music is loved by millions of Vietnamese both in Vietnam and abroad. He has a proven track record and set precedence for many generations of musicians to come.

Duc Huy has his own production company, Nhac Moi Productions. He travels all over the world to perform and appear in various concerts and community events.

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