During his sophomore through senior year in high school, Don Ho participated in a choral group called Chamber Singers. As a young man, Don Ho excelled in the arts. He received a scholarship to attend an art school in New York after high school, however his love for music was greater, consequently, Don decided to remain in the west coast to pursue a career as a singer. Don came from a family of entertainers. He still has relatives who are in show business in Vietnam.

In 1989, Don began to sing professionally at local Vietnamese night clubs in Southern California. His career sky-rocketed in 1991, through the publicity and exposure he received in appearing in his first music video with Thuy Nga Productions. Don appeared in Lien Khuc Nhac Tre Paris performing Em Dep Nhu Mo and Black Magic Woman in Thuy Nga Paris 12. Due to popular demand, Don was asked to reappear in Thuy Nga 15 the following year. Once again, Don received great success through his rendition of Diana. Also appearing with Don in Thuy Nga 15 were Dalena and Trinh Nam Son.

In the beginning of his career, Don Ho often sings English songs or non-vietnamese songs because these seemed more popular with the younger audience. However, as time goes by, Don began to venture into performing Vietnamese ballads. Don seems to have found a niche in this area since many of his hits are of this genre. Don claims that he now enjoy singing Vietnamese ballads more than other songs simply because these songs are more soulful and have greater personal meaning to him.

Don Ho is a true professional in every sense of the word. He continues to study and hone his craft by attending voice lesson and music theory in college.

Don Ho often collaborates with Thuy Nga Productions in producing music videos and CDs and he has designed many CDs' cover himself.

Contact: P.O Box 3543, Huntington Beach, CA 92605 or E-Mail

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