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Dang Xua - Tinh Khuc Hai Nguyen
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Manh Luc Tinh Yeu - Ngoc Diep
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Arena Summer Concert 9 Pictures

Arena Concert VII, Jul 13, 02
Miss Vietnam Tet Pageant Feb 16, 02
Cam Ly - New Year's Party, Feb 02
Arena Concert VI, Jul 01
Yeu Nhau Tren Bien, Apr 01
Da Khuc Tinh Xuan, Mar 01
Miss Vietnam TET Pageant, Jan 01
Arena Concert V, July 2000
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Guc Nga - Toc Tien

Lie Under My Bed
Dang Xua - Tinh Khuc Hai Nguyen
Binh Tuat - New Year Cards
Miss Vietnam Tet Pageant 2005
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Bay Area Events
Tet Festival - Hoi Tet San Jose Jan 21-22, 2012
VAPW Scholarship Reception Feb 5, 2009
Dien Hanh Hoi Xuan San Jose Feb 8, 2009
Tet Festival - Hoi Tet San Jose Jan 17-18, 09
Most squats in one hour Dec 16, 2007
Miss Vietnam Tet Pageant 2007 Feb 10, 2007
Tet Festival - Hoi Tet Fairgrounds Feb 10-11, 07
Dai Nhac Hoi He Arena XI Jun 24, 2006
Cai Luong Ho Quang "Vo Tac Thien" May 28, 06
Arena Summer Concert Kickoff May 7, 06
Viet-American National Gala May 4-7, 06
Chinese New Year Global Gala Feb 12, 06
Tet Festival - Hoi Tet Fairgrounds Feb 4-5, 06
Vietnamese New Year's Eve Celeb. - Jan 28, 06

Video from Summer Concerts
Minh Tuyet - Bo Ben La
Miss Vietnam of Northern California 2012

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