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Tuan Ngoc, a premiere tenor in the Vietnamese Music Industry, started his career performing on various stages in South Vietnam. His style and charisma have moved his fans to adoringly name him the Vietnamese Frank Sinatra or the Chairman of the Board.

An original member of the Strawberry Four, he was instrumental in bringing the youth movement in music to South Vietnam and brought popularity to rock 'n' roll a whole generation of listeners.

In recent years, Tuan Ngoc has focused his energy in developing a style of music that is both unique and captivating. He is able to sway and alter the mood of his audience through his skillful manipulation of his vocal range.

Tuan Ngoc is charming. He is able to convey and communicate through his music like no other singer of this era. He will be joined by his beloved wife Thai Thao, his sister Thuy Anh, the famed Duc Huy, one of the original Strawberry Four member, and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen .

Tuan Ngoc plans to perform some of his signature songs, such as Giot Le Cho Ngan Sau, Tam Su Goi Ve Dau, Chieu Mot Minh Qua Pho, Tren Ngon Tinh Sau, Rieng Mot Goc Troi ... In addition, he will feature duet performances with each of his co-stars. This will mark the first time Tuan Ngoc and Thuy Anh are back together on stage after twenty years. Duc Huy and Tuan Ngoc will relive their times together as struggling young musicians performing music on the road (Du Ca).

Thai Thao is a member of one of Vietnam's most celebrated musical family. One of Pham Duy's talented daughter, Thai Thao started singing for the Vietnamese Student Association in a college in Los Angeles in the late 70's and later joined her siblings in forming the Dreamers, a band that feature such famous names as Duy Quang, Thai Hien, Duy Cuong, etc.

Thuy Anh, the original member of "Thuy-Ha-Tu", made her mark singing with her younger sister Khanh Ha and brother Anh Tu at various night clubs in South Vietnam in the sixties. At the pinnacle of her career, Thuy Anh left the lime light to go abroad to Europe. After a twenty years hiatus from the Vietnamese music scene, Thuy recently returned to her roots and performed publicly for the first time in a music video in 1997.

The performance will be on Saturday November 7th, 1998, from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm, at the Santa-Clara Convention Center. The event is organized by Viet Entertainment, with light and sound provided by 3B.

Tickets are divided into two types, VIP pass and General Seating. All seats have pre-assigned seat number. Advanced purchase is recommended for optimal seating.

Time Saturday, November 7 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
The theater will be open for seating at 7:30PM.
The program will start promptly at 8:00PM

Location: Theater of the Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great America Parkway (across from Great America), Santa Clara. (408)748-7000

Tuan Ngoc, Thai Thao, Duc Huy, Thuy Anh, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen will be performing with

The Tranz with:
  • Mark Tran
  • Drum
  • Peter Tran
  • Keyboard, Keyboard Bass
  • Cao Tram
  • Keyboard
  • Simone Tran
  • Keyboard
  • Tuan Thai
  • Sax
  • Ly Tam
  • Guitar

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